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The Hosts

The Dynamic Duo of the ServiceNow podcasting game - CJ & The Duke bring energetic and witty conversation to a number of ServiceNow topics from tough engagements to capturing the big wins. Friends for almost a decade, their comradery and banter often steals the show as they coin phrases like 'Frarchitect' while making topics like ITSM fun and enjoyable. If you're looking to talk shop or learn how to sharpen your craft, these are the guys to lead the conversation. 


Cory "CJ" Wesley

Over 20 years of IT experience. 10 years of ServiceNow experience. A lifetime of passion, creativity, and creating value. I'm the Hannibal Smith of Independent Contracting, the Chief Problem-Solver of Tekvoyant, and your Delivery Manager's secret weapon. If you have a problem and no one else...well you know the rest. 


Robert "The Duke" Fedoruk

I was blessed to be an early adopter of ServiceNow, over a decade ago.  Since then, I’ve seen and done a lot in the space, from building custom applications, re-architecting failed implementations, starting, failing, and restarting businesses.  I’ve been a 10x speaker at the annual Knowledge Conference, a 5x community MVP, a 2x devMVP, and won 4 ServiceNow Hackathons. 

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